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A mother of three who like going on adventures, teaching my kids. I love God, family and life! Love writing, on a journey to grow my kids to be loving, caring, respectful and obedient to the best of my ability. I truly believe if all these areas are mastered their education will come simply easy. With hard work and trust in God all these are possible..

Vacation time!

My family and I are heading to Jamaica! We are ready to have some fun!

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Monday’s quote

“Love unlocks doors and open windows that weren’t ever there before.” -Mignon McLaughlin-

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The Quote

” Experience is something I always think I have- until I get more of it.” – Burton Hills-

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Stay positive!

No matter what your circumstances are stay positive. That’s what I’m trying to do!

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Repeat grade 3

One of my boys is struggling with school right now, his teacher suggests that he repeats the third grade. Anyone been through a situation like this what is your opinion or what did you do?

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Mothers are beautiful

Happy Mother’s Day to the beautiful mothers out there!

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Smile (:

Please put a smile on your face each and every day. Your smile can make someone pain go away.  

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