Do you understand the meaning to your life on this earth?


Meaning of LIFE: “The condition that distinguishes animals and plants from inorganic matter, including the capacity for growth, reproduction, functional activity, and continual change preceding death.”


Joseph Campbell says “the meaning of life is whatever you ascribe it to be. Being alive is the meaning.”

What are your thoughts on life, are you living the life you are ordained to live?

Are you fulfilling your God given talents?

Every single human being on this earth is equip with talents, and is given the knowledge to grow and reproduce their talents and gifts, Do you know what your gifts are?

What are doing to grow your gifts and talents? We live (or have life) in a natural world that is created by a supernatural God, which means we also have access to a supernatural life or way of living. Once you are alive you can function, so let us perform the task that God set before us.

Jesus says ” I am the resurrection, and the life: he that believes in me, though he was dead, yet shall he live.”


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I love this Challenge:

Here goes

Looking out from my office building

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Hello All,

Hope your morning is as wonderful as mine.

My morning devotional was awesome, This morning I learnt to ask God to use me for anything of his choice, Not what I want but his will.

We often live our lives to please ourselves and our family members or friends, but we NEED to live our lives to please our Lord And Savior. We should put him first.

Put God First in Parenting

As parents we get frustrated when our children act out in a way that is disrespectful and not to our liking, we tend jump to blame ourselves and wonder what we are doing wrong in our parenting world. I trust and believe if we start putting God first everything else including parenting will be easy!

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You are a good parent!******

Never sit around beating up yourself saying you’re a bad parent,

Your child may not be well behaved, or an A student or such but you’re not a bad parent,

Your child may not dress as neat and elegant as another parent’s kid but you’re not a bad parent.

Guess what?

Your rush to the school when the teacher calls

You’re up late at night because they have a cold

You rushed with them early on Saturday  Mornings for them to be a their Soccer game on time.

Your prepare dinner every evening and tuck them in their bed at night

You work hard so you can provide the things they need the most.


As parent we often stress but please always talk to someone if you are feeling Depressed or stress about how you are parenting.

We Mamas are here to help each other!!!

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Hello friends, I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Yesterday I celebrated my birthday. I just want to honor the Most High God for his grace and mercy in my life.

**********My Prayer to God**************

God you are awesome;

Words are not enough to express the praise you deserve,

But, my God I truly want you to grant to me the grace I need to fear you each and everyday, that I will live my life as one that is a reflection of your son Jesus Christ whom You’ve sent to save us all!

As a blessed mother, you have given me the gift of parenting my children, but Lord I learn from them daily, please give me the ability to be able to listen to their needs and to parent them with love. Thank you God for all you’ve done in my life I truly appreciate you father!





















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Oh My! preparing my daughter for school

Oh, how my daughter is growing up!

She’s now 4 years old and we are preparing for the first day of school, coming in August.

My daughter is kind and loving, loves to make new friends but she hates to share!

She hugs her games and snacks to herself, I tried teaching her how to share, but is that a lesson to be learned? How can I teach my daughter to share?

My daughter loves her milk and she has a special little cup that she drinks from, she came to me for milk one afternoon and I told her that she will not get milk at school.

She looked at me with a weird face and said “mom I will not get milk at school?

“No baby,” I replied to her, “I don’t want to go to school,” she says.

As handed her the milk she says, “Mom do you know that my teacher can make milk?”

“Really?” I questioned. she shook her head yes and went her way to drink her milk.

Now tell me how do I bring this to her attention?

Or do I bring it to her attention?

I do believe eventually she will understand that school is not home and the privileges she has at home are not the same as school.

You live and you learn right?

Have you ever been faced with any similar challenges? Please share what was done to overcome those.


Love You. Shelly.


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Challenges## Life

In life we do face challenges, Challenges can be as simple as playing a game, thinking we have it all figured out until we get to the middle.


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